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you will learn:
  • What it really means to be Alpha Male.
  • The 1 phrase that changed a situation from "overwhelming" to "exciting" and how you can use it too.
  • The Alpha Male mindset approach that will unlock your power so you can achieve anything you want.
  • The one simple trick that can change you from "Procrastinator" to "Action taker" in 5 seconds
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Peter Bolsius

Founder of the Alpha Male Project

I’ve taken guys just like you, many times, and transformed them from “Weak to Beast” in no time!

The Alpha Male Project’s practical and functional strength training was designed with the older athlete in mind. So you can claw back time and find that alpha male in us all. Just because you are past 30-40, or even 50, doesn’t mean you can’t run, jump, pull, push, carry and get stuff done just like we used to.

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